Read: Day 12

I once read (don’t remember which book) that when people ask how your day is to say “wonderful”!  The reason being that no one expects it and if you want to be wonderful, declare you are wonderful!  I have been practicing that for some time now.  However, with my daily reading kicking in, I truly do feel wonderful!

Here are a few small changes/improvements I have seen in my daily life since I made the decision to read daily:

  • Easier to wake up and waking up a little earlier each day
  • Better mood, and finding myself wanting to be more helpful to others
  • More time thinking of loved ones… friends and family… and how thankful I am for them
  • Something inside of me that is urging me to read/listen/watch inspiring content
  • Smiling more

Yesterday I was watching an episode of Marie Forleo’s Marie TV, featuring Regena Thomashauer, CEO of The School of Womanly Arts. My key takeaways are:

  • Stair step building a business: Marie is so right!  What she describes is exactly where I am today, looking at others who are “living their work” feeling something inside.  The idea that others also started from somewhere is comforting and encouraging.
  • Live your passion:  I could be reminded of this daily.
  • The “how” won’t fuel the dream- if you spend all of your time here it won’t lead to regenerating enthusiasm it takes to build a business or take an idea to turn it into a reality.  Connect with a desire.  This point that Mama Gena was huge for me!  Lately, I have been so caught up with the “how” and I do believe it sucks the passion/enthusiasm out of ideas.
  • A desire is an interface between you and that which is greater than you.  This is a completely new concept for me!  I love this and commit to listening to this desire/pleasure within myself to see what becomes of it!
  • A brag, a gratitude, a desire: I brag I worked up the courage to start on this journey, I am grateful for my friends and family who fill me up with so much love!, and I desire a life where I can say “I live my work”.

To all your wonderfulness,



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