Read: Day 7. 7/26

7 days in a row, at least 30 minutes, sometimes more. I do believe this is a personal record! 7 days in a row!  I’ve often challenged myself, in my own head, to read daily.  It seems so easy and simple, just read everyday!  Successful people say personal development is a must, read daily, do affirmations, meditate, exercise, leaders are readers… on and on and on.  And each time I have privately challenged myself to do any of the habits just mentioned, but truthfully I never seemed to get past day 3!

But today, I claim a small success!  7 days in a row! With a overnight Vegas trip in between!

I was quite proud of myself. This week was super busy.  My hubby hosted a youth football camp Saturday and we had a lot to get done the week leading up to the camp.  Immediately after the camp we committed to a 24-hour, turn-around Vegas trip for a friend’s birthday!  It was all worth it!  The football camp was a great success, with great coaches, a place for these young athletes to have fun and learn a few things before season starts!  We finally hit the road around 3 pm for Vegas.  The hubby offered to drive (after only a few hours of sleep the night before, and spending all morning in the hot sun) so I could get my reading it.  He has been super supportive of this new adventure and has helped me stay committed!

Sunday was a different story though.  In typical Vegas style, we finally made it back to our hotel room around 6 am (we had officially been up for 24 hours!!!) And then around noon we were back on the road… in traffic!  A drive that took us 3 hours to get to our destination, doubled for the ride home. Sad face!

Not sure if it was procrastination or just circumstance, but I finally got my bare minimum, 30 minutes of reading in around 10 pm.  It was not the most engaged reading session I had this week, but I followed through on my commitment and surprisingly it helped me feel like I didn’t completely waste my Sunday.

The gap between thinking and doing can feel endless and impossible. People say to start small and build slowly day by day.  But the day in and day out is difficult. Starting small makes it seem like you’re not going anywhere.

Napoleon Hill says one of the advantages of having a definite aim or purpose is that it fixes our habits so they are taken over by the subconscious mind and used as a involuntary force toward our goals.  But what if you do not know your definite aim?

To small daily triumphs,


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