The Struggle

Read: Day 13

Today is the first day I have felt like this. I didn’t want to wake up early, go to work, read my book.  I feel tired, groggy, fatigued. I want to choose the easy option and chill.

Logically I know this is the wall that was inevitable to hit.  I have been here before with attempts at starting “good” habits.  Often time I have quit my good habits because I was tired of doing them.  Today I am facing that wall.  Will I prevail?  Will I put to use all the great recommendations Napoleon Hill has given me over the past 2 weeks?

Here is Napoleon’s 17 principles of success:

  1. A Definite Major Aim in Life
  2. Self- Confidence
  3. Initiative
  4. The Habit of Saving
  5. Imagination
  6. Enthusiasm
  7. Self- Control
  8. The Habit of Doing More than You are Paid to Do
  9. A Pleasing Personality
  10. Accurate Thinking
  11. Concentration of Effort
  12. Cooperation
  13. Profiting by Failures
  14. Tolerance
  15. The Golden Rule Applied
  16. The Habit of Health
  17. The Master Mind Applied

I will do my reading today, I have already done my affirmations, and I will watch an episode of Marie TV.  Tomorrow or the next day I will let you know how it goes.  Day 13 has been the hardest day and I hope when I get to day 21 I will feel accomplished for getting past Day 13.

Have you felt this wall before? Have you tried to get past it and succeeded?  What did you do to overcome this feeling?  What are your thoughts on Napoleon’s 17 principles of success?



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