Progress not Perfection

Read: Day 18

I regret to inform you I did not read yesterday.  SAD FACE 🙁

I could tell you the reasons why in my defense I didn’t make it happen, but it wouldn’t change the fact that it did not happen.  So I will save myself the time of writing the excuses, and you the time of reading the excuses.

So where do I go from here? I made it 16 consecutive days.  I have already started my reading for today.  I have decided I will read for a total of 2 hours today to make up extra for yesterday.

I’ll admit I was somewhat bummed, but not too much.  All in all, I still feel great… like I’m going somewhere, still not quite sure where.  Sunday and Monday were tough days.   I was feeling sluggish, not so enthusiastic and it all came together when I let my reading habit lapse yesterday.  Fortunately, one of my best friends, Janine, and I were able to spend some time together Monday to practice yoga.  It was helpful and rejuvenated my positivity, but apparently not enough to keep me on my game yesterday.

I’m not going to re-start my 21 days. I will keep moving forward, keep striving for “progress and not perfection” as Janine reminded me on Monday.  So important to keep going, accept the small set backs that don’t define your progress or journey.

This blog will be based on 21 day challenges that I personally will carry out.  I encourage you to do them with me 🙂  It will challenge my self-discipline, commitment, and creativity.

Ultimately, my wish is to see how these challenges help me grow as an individual and to test all the self-help material we read.  Can we live a life by design?  Can we will our desires into manifestation?  Can we have it all?  If the answer is yes, what does it take?  Here I am starting from ground zero.  Let’s see where this takes us.

Happy Wednesday People!


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