Can I Tell You a Secret?

Read: Week 1. 7/22

Apparently a lot can happen in a week!

I was reading Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and by Wednesday I was feeling frustrated, angry, and impatient!  Was this doing anything? Why can’t we just figure it out already! Our home run! Our ticket out! Ughhhhh.  I was trying to stay positive, but I’d admit is was proving difficult!

Ray and I were doing our late evening workout on Wednesday pushing sleds up and down the field.  I turned to him and said “Can I tell you a secret? I am jealous”.

A couple women in my life recently launched their own new business ventures. In a strange way I was happy for them, but underneath it I was really jealous.  Simply JEALOUS. Why couldn’t I figure out what do with my life outside my corporate job?  Then on top of my jealousy, I felt guilty for admitting to myself I was jealous in the first place!  Mr. Napoleon Hill says jealousy is “a mild form of insanity” and like many law of attraction enthusiasts, we know “like attracts like”.  In my logical mind I knew I shouldn’t feel anything but happiness for these individuals, but we aren’t always able to rise about ourselves or get out of our own way.

I know the simple answer is to confront these ill feelings head on, refocus my thoughts and energy on my own efforts, and keep working on a daily basis to transform these until they become sincere, kind intentions as second nature.  For now, until I truly change myself, empower myself, and focus on what is in my “Circle of Concern” I will keep practicing.  It is not easy.

I thank and bless those individuals in my life who have, in a way, inspired me to take action.  T Harv Eker says if something makes us feel this way, we need to bless it and wish good thoughts to those individuals. I refuse to let emotions of jealousy fester into a negative attitude.  I chose to let go of those negative emotions and re-dedicate myself to my own journey of personal development.  Thank you.

With Love


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